Prom Night was hardcore.
Bow tie from Krakow, suspenderrrrs from HM and shirt from our school pres.
I aslo wore my new suit from FilippaK, which, of cours, you can not see.
Thats a bummer
Great photos though - We love 'em flashy!



I want to be an original, but it's hard not to borrow, or become influenced by your favorite bloggers. 
I guess that's just what they want you to be, but still. This is taken a while ago.
 It's kind of inspired by one of Hedi Slimane's Diary posts. He's just one of many sources of inspiration.

I'm going to make a post about my top 5 favorite bloggers, but I want some advice from you guys, so:
What's your favorite blog? 


Celestine Clementine - Stella and HM

Sometimes, streetfashion is just too good to be true. How do you get
Celestine Cooney on the street with beautiful pastel balloons in a Stella McCartney citrus dress? You would have to ask The Street Peeper.
I think the leather jacket was Balenciaga - looks great anyways.

What doesn't struck me as that mesmerizing is the new HM/Versace cruise collection. I didn't like the last collaboration at all - just that green/black shirt with palms n stuff. The girls clothing looks quite cheap and easy. It's a bit like looking into a Malibu Barbie's closet. 

The menswear on the other hand, looks a lot better. The jeans, and especially the blue pants are my favorites. Have a look at that belt as well:

It is so slim and elegant. I don't have any belts like that, because i always find black belts too chucky and wide. HM.com 17th of january - Here i come.



That Wang Thang

Alexander Wang

The Swedish fashion blogger Elin Kling posted this pic on her blog a while ago.
It's a stunning black n white photograph, but what really sticks on your mind is that sweater.
How brilliant, right? Love the 70's feel and the heavy, chunky fit. Nice for both spring and those cold summer nights..

Colorious Socks

I think I'm a bit behind on this trend. Well, to be honest, I sometimes find myself wearing my sisters red socks 
- but it's not on purpose. From now on however, it will be! 
It's a great way to show how you are dedicated to details, and it will really give an outfit that little extra touch.

// Photos
American Apparel


Good Nights, Bad Mornings

Seriously good nights. Seriously bad mornings.



Jewelry for men is really underrated. Why is a thing that is often so vital in a woman's wardrobe almost tabu in a man's wardrobe? We have some guys pushing the limit though:

Pelayo is one of these guys. The blogger behind katelovesme.blogspot.com is really inspirational.

Vogue Hommes Japan cover

AX80 Alive at faksimile.no

Pelayo and Vogue again. And those pair of glasses people, aren't they beautiful? Ink can be really cool, but remember, hehe, it's permanent. Ink photo from Hedi Slimane Diary


The Turtleneck

So how the hell does one find these things?

I've been looking around for what seems like ages for a turtleneck. 
It's the perfect, classy and retro thing to wear on a chilly october evening. 
These turtlenecks are from the spring collections of Margiela, Harmes and Cavalli, 
didn't anybody think that I might wan't one for fall, not spring?
Well well, I'll keep looking.. Not in Hermes stores that is. 
Seriously, who has that kind of money?

Hava a good day!



I am going to Paris to visit my sister the 27th of October.
We're gonna go see the fantastic Jens Lekman, Lykke Li, and last but not least Bon Iver, at the Pitchfork Festival at La Grande Halle. I just can't wait.
I mean, seriously, look at all these beautiful people:

The first two pictures are taken at a rock festival by the river Seine.
The second one from the men's fashion week in Paris. 

All photos taken by the wonderful Geraldine

Ever been to Paris?